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i heart...

sex on a stick

well i've been sitting here, on my own
for so long it feels like i'm gone
and i dont know what to think anymore but
i know this path ain't the one
and it feels like i'm so cold and lonely but you're here and i'm not feeling it
and i dont want you to know

don't think that you can take it all
cuz you dont know farther than my skin
don't think that i will risk it all
for you to see
its deeper than me

it's so much deeper than, a touch of the hand
or a glimpse of your love, baby
and if you think that you can win by slowing me down,
then try again
and it's feels like i'm so gone but you are here and now i know i'm not feeling it
and i don't want you to know


take me over
leave me then go to find it
touch me only
to get me to the point where i can't

and i don't want you to know